Congressional Candidate Hidalgo Hosts Grand Opening of Imperial County Office

Juan Hidalgo Jr., candidate for U.S. House of Representatives 51st District (CA), welcomed all who attended the grand opening of his office located  in El Centro, and asked for volunteers to help with his campaign.

EL CENTRO – In preparation for his campaign, Juan M. Hidalgo Jr., a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives California’s 51st District, held a grand opening of the new Hidalgo for Congress Imperial Valley office located in the Desert Trails RV Park at 225 Wake Avenue.

“Our Hidalgo for Congress Headquarters is located in San Diego, so we have to have two (offices) because we are not going to forget about the people in the Imperial Valley. That has gone on way too long,” said Hidalgo. “Since November, I have been coming out here once a week and a lot of people out here tell me they haven’t seen the incumbent. I think it is very important that a leader get out and know the people that he wants to work for and represent.”

Hidalgo said he plans to visit the Valley once a week, typically on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will make himself accessible to the Imperial Valley community.

“I was invited to Holtville High School and will be there next month (September 16) as well as a few other schools that are already lined up,” said Hidalgo. “I will be talking to a few History and Government classes explaining what it is like to run for office and why I decided to run.”

With the desire to serve the community, Hidalgo decided to run for Congress and if elected, is said to have numerous goals which include lowering the unemployment rate, job creation, improve the education system, and better the quality of life for all VA Veterans and the military.

“Percentage-wise, we are at a 17.5 percent unemployment rate – that is unacceptable,” said Hidalgo. “We need to fix this problem by eliminating a lot of government intrusion (government regulations). Of course, we have to have some government regulations, but right now, we have far too many that affect small businesses.”

Obama Health Care and the $15 minimum wage increase are a few of the government regulations Hidalgo said were some of the main causes why small businesses go out of business and/or lay off personnel, resulting in a high unemployment rate.

“People don’t want to be on welfare or unemployment, they want to work,” said Hidalgo. “I am not a politician. I am a leader and I strongly believe that is what we need in Congress – true leadership in Congress that will go work, fight and win for the American people instead of trying to appease everybody. Leadership isn’t popularity — it’s doing right things for the people that you serve.”

Juan M. Hidalgo was born in San Diego and was raised in National City. He earned the rank of First Sergeant in 2003 and served in every enlisted leadership position within the Armor, Community. In 2003, he was assigned as the First Sergeant of Support Company, Combat Service Support Battalion 10 and lead a company in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2. In 2007, Hidalgo reported to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169 in Camp Pendleton, and again returned to lead Marines in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 6-08.

After a series of successful leadership assignments within the Marine Air Ground Task Force, he was assigned in March 2010 to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit as the Unit Sergeant Major. As a Marine Sergeant Major at the pinnacle of his career, from 2013 to 2015 he was selected to represent all services as the Senior Enlisted Leader of Joint Task Force at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Hidalgo retired in October 2015 after over 31 years of proven leadership and faithful service to his country.

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