Coachella Valley Athlete Competing in Rio Olympics



Sarah Elizabeth Robles, a Desert Hot Springs native, is considered one of the strongest women in the world, and in a few days she plans on proving it. The 5’10” Olympic-bound athlete lifted weights (weight class 75+) with Team Arizona before making it to Team USA.

Robles_S120x187According to her profile on the Olympic athletes page, in 2004, her San Jacinto High School coach Rich McClure was her throws coach (javelin, hammer, discus, and shot-put) and he had her use the Olympic lifts as a way to improve her throwing. Rich then signed her up to compete in a couple of local meets lifting in 2004-05, and she fell in love with it. In 2008, she met her next coach, Joe Micela, who restarted her in weightlifting and she stopped throwing.

Robles’ favorite competition lift is by far the clean and jerk, which is a composite of two weightlifting movements, most often performed with a barbell. The clean is lifting the barbells to a resting position at chest level followed by the jerk, raising the barbells over head.

When Robles isn’t working out and training for her moment in Rio de Janeiro, her favorite time is spent at church, making jewelry, reading, and talking. Her goals are to become a coach some day, get married and have children, oh, and getting the gold.