City of El Centro Holds Campeón del Campo Soccer Tournament

Team TNT wins Campeón del Campo Tournament

EL CENTRO– The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sports Pavilion was the venue for the first ever Campeón del Campo soccer tournament, on Saturday, March 25, where teams of players 18 and over competed for bragging rights over other local recreational teams.

The El Centro community service department hosted the tournament, setting up five-minute matches with the crown awarded to the team with the most overall wins. The team TNT worked their way through the rounds finishing on top with a total of six wins.

The TNTs faced off against the Free Agents. The TNT’s took the lead with a long goal from the left corner of the field. The Free Agents answered with their own goal tying the game. When the game went to a penalty shoot out, the TNTs won 3-1, seizing their first win. Going into the second round of play, the TNTs moved on to face the the IBEW team, shutting them out, with the TNTs winning three to zero.

With two wins under their belt, the TNTs faced the Bayern Munich, which proved to be TNTs toughest match of the afternoon. The Bayern Munich team took a quick one-nothing lead over TNT, putting them behind for the first time this tournament. The TNTs answered back with their own goal, sending the match into penalties for the second time in the afternoon. The TNTs made both shots, while blocking the Bayern Munich from scoring, giving TNT their third win.

Heading into the fourth round of the tournament, the TNTs met up with the Pioneers. The TNTs took a one-nothing lead at the start of the match. With three-minutes left, the Pioneers find the back of the goal as well, making the match even. With seconds left on the clock, the TNTs kicked one into the net, giving them the win, with an exciting two to one score.

Closing out the evening, the TNTs won their last two match ups, giving them a total of six wins, crowning the team the Campeón del Campo champions. The winners were awarded barbecue necessities.