City of Brawley to Conduct Final Inspection of One World Beef


City of BrawleyBRAWLEY — Last night, the Brawley City Council reported in open session action that was taken in closed session earlier in the evening. City Attorney Bill Smerdon reported that by a motion of the City Council, staff was directed to conduct a final inspection of the One World Beef (OWB) facility at 57 Shank Road in Brawley, CA.

Provided that all outstanding matters are addressed, with the exception of a wastewater solution, a temporary Business License and temporary Certificate of Occupancy (COO) shall be issued to One World Beef with three conditions:

1) The temporary Business License and COO shall expire on their own terms as of January 31, 2017 if a discharge permit is not issued by the Regional Water Quality Control Board by that date.

2) Within thirty days of issuance, OWB shall utilize a California licensed engineer to characterize anticipated industrial wastewater and submit an odor mitigation plan to the City’s satisfaction.

3) Should the Business License and COO expire, OWB shall be responsible for removal of wastewater stored in on-site ponds within thirty days of expiration.

The City of Brawley is committed to economic development. In response to OWB’s request for issuance, the conditions were developed to provide the Business License and COO in advance of either the City’s authorization of OWB to discharge to the City of Brawley Wastewater Treatment Plant or the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s authorization to apply pre-treated wastewater to land.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board will consider the environmental document for the wastewater project at its meeting today at 9:00 a.m. in Palm Desert. At last night’s meeting, OWB reported that land application of pre-treated wastewater is the preferred long term strategy. For now, OWB requests to commence with meat processing, utilizing on-site ponds to store waste while permitting is obtained. However, historic odor impacts have been experienced in the surrounding area with the previous operator.

The City appreciates One World Beef’s efforts to tackle the challenge of a sustainable wastewater strategy. Temporary issuance allows OWB to commence with operations pending the Regional Board’s action. The City looks forward to future resolution for the benefit of the community of Brawley and the Imperial Valley region.