City of Brawley raises Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees



BRAWLEY – At their regular meeting Tuesday, April 1, the Brawley City Council voted to raise the scheduled Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees.

On February 22, 2011, the City Council adopted the yearly increase of Water and Wastewater Capacity Fees and Development Impact Fees for new construction to get them in line with other cities in Imperial Valley. These fees had not been addressed for a number of years.

For the Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees, the schedule of increases was 40% for 2011, 15% for 2012, 15% for 2013, 15% for 2014, and 15% for 2015.

For the Development Impact Fees, the schedule of increases was 33% for 2011, 33% for 2013, and 34% for 2015.

The City of Brawley’s 10 year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is the key document for the determination of these fees. The CIP Indentifies and plans for projects, services, and equipment the City needs to service new development. The costs for these services are borne by the developer.

The infrastructure in the City of Brawley is in dire need of replacement. Broken pipes are a common occurrence.

Brawley has some of the lowest fees of any city in Imperial County.

The City of Imperial has the lowest fees and is one of the fastest growing communities in the State of California.

The City Council has the option to go forward with scheduled fees or to take other actions.

In 2012 the Council chose to postpone the implementation of the Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees.

In 2013 the Council approved the 15% scheduled increase to the Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees and to postpone the 33% scheduled increase to the Development Impact Fees.

For this year, it was recommended by the City Manager to implement the scheduled 15% increase of Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees and the 33% increase of the Development Impact Fees.

There were many public comments requesting that the Council postpone the fees until the economy recovers. It was also recommended that the Council make smaller increases to lessen the blow of the large hikes in fees.

The Council voted to adopt the 15% Water/Wastewater Capacity Fees and to postpone the 33% Development Impact Fees.

The schedules are revisited every year to assess economic conditions.