City of Brawley imposes water restrictions



BRAWLEY – The Brawley City Council voted unanimously to adopt Urgency Ordinance No. 2014- 19.24-2, which prohibits wasteful use of water and establishes restrictions on water use.

This follows California State Governor Jerry Brown’s April 25th executive order to strengthen the state’s ability to manage water and habitat effectively in drought conditions and called on all Californians to redouble their efforts to conserve water.

The ordinance conserves the city’s water supply for the greatest public benefit and to reduce the quantity of water used by the city’s customers. It also states that wasteful use water should be eliminated.

Customers of the city shall observe the following regulations and restrictions on water use;

  1. No customer shall waste water.
  2. Use of potable water to irrigate turf, ground-cover, shrubbery, crops, vegetation, and trees between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., or in such a manner as to result in runoff for more than 5 minutes;
  3. Use of potable water in outdoor landscapes in a manner that causes runoff to non-irrigated areas, public walkways, roadways, parking lots, structures or an adjacent property;
  4. The application of potable water to driveways and sidewalks, except to protect public health and safety;
  5. Allowing potable water to escape from breaks within a customer’s plumbing system for more than 24 hours after the customer is notified or discovers the break;
  6. Washing vehicles by hose without a shutoff nozzle, except to wash such vehicles using recycling equipment;
  7. The use of potable water in a fountain or other decorative water feature, except where the water in part of a recirculating system.

In the event of a Declared Water Shortage Emergency, more stringent water restrictions will be put in to place.

Enforcement for violating these restrictions is a written warning the first offense.

For a second violation, the customer will receive a final written warning.

Any subsequent violation will incur a $100 fine.

Any customer, corporation, business, or other entity that provides false information to the city as it does violation investigation will be guilty of a misdemeanor.

This ordinance is now a law and will be in place until April 25, 2015 when the Council will review results.




  1. I seriously believe someone needs to go back to the ordinance above re-write #2. The way it reads I guess the city wants us to have run off for more than 5 minutes…..and how about “use potable water and not “USE OF?”
    Ask anyone, especially those who makes laws, the very best time to water anything is in the heat of the day…….or is it just more convenient for issuing fines?

  2. Where can we report water waste? my next door is watering his lawn. he is watering sidewalks and street. I think the water has been running for 30 minutes or more

  3. I,m paying to much in my utility bill and I’m not wasting water, are you going to lower the price of water if I use less?

  4. City needs to fix their own “plumbing” concerns ie run-off on parks, programmed irrigation while raining, broken sprinklers.

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