City of Brawley annexes Rancho Porter

Rancho Porter owners with Mayor Don Campbell

BRAWLEY – At their regular meeting of Tuesday, May 6, the City of Brawley City Council approved a resolution ordering the annexation of the uninhabited territory known as the Rancho Porter area.

The Rancho Porter area is the portion of land east of Best Road, south of Highway 86, and north of Wildcat Drive just west of the new Highway 111, where the new bypass joins Highway 111.

It is hoped that this area will be developed in the nearby future to accommodate bypass traffic.

The Local Area Foundation Commission (LAFCO) approved the annexation of the Rancho Porter Subdivision on April 17, 2014. This resolution is the formal order of the annexation per the City and LAFCO terms and conditions of approval.

The Rancho Porter project involved a Planned Development Specific Plan, Zone Change, General Plan Amendment, and Tentative Tract Map (Major Subdivision). The project was approved by the City Council on November 16, 2010. The project also included a corresponding Environmental Impact Report. The project consists of a Planned Unit Development with missed uses, including single-family residential units, multi-family residential units, retention/parks, and commercial sites. The next step is to form a Community Facilities District for certain services before any final maps or site plans are submitted and approved. The services will include police, fire, and park/landscape maintenance.

The City collected a fee of $103,350 on May 1, 2014 for the annexation.

The meeting was attended by the landowners of the Rancho Porter area, some coming from Colorado, Arizona, and other locations. Most of these people are originally from the Brawley area.

Local Brawley pioneer Al Smith was one of the original owners of Rancho Porter.

“This opens the door for a business to open at the bypass area,” said Councilman Sam Couchman. “I would expect something like a truck stop and a restaurant would find this an ideal location.”