City Approves Interim Chief of Police Contract

Interim Chief of Police Reynaldo “Reggie” Gomez enters into a 1-year contract with the City of Calexico

CALEXICO – The Calexico City Council voted unanimously to employ Reynaldo “Reggie” Gomez as Interim Chief of Police for a one year term with an annual salary of $118,000, Tuesday evening during the regular board meeting.

Gomez is a Calexico native and former Calexico police officer for 20 years, he previously served nine years as a Calipatria Chief of Police, and most recently served as contract investigator for Homeland Security.

“I am glad to be back in my hometown to serve my community,” said Gomez.

The proposed Employment Agreement includes a monthly salary of $9,852.00, reimbursement for reasonable and necessary travel and business expenses and dues for a 12-month membership for Gomez in the California Police Chief’s Association.

Additionally, Gomez will not be entitled to any paid leave benefits such as vacation, administrative leave or executive leave,  the city holds the right to terminate the contract at any time without cause and Gomez must give the city at least a 90-day notice if he voluntarily resigns his position with the city.

As Interim Chief of Police, Gomez will be expected to perform functions and duties of the Interim Chief of Police as set forth in the Municipal Code, in addition to any other functions specified by state law, city ordinance, and to perform functions as the city manager assigns, without additional compensation.

Gomez was hired with an effective date of November 30, 2015 and will continue for one year, unless  terminated, or a permanent Chief of Police is hired by the city.

Gomez replaces former Interim Chief of Police Michael Bostic, who was placed on administrative leave by Acting City Manager Nick Fenley on December 1.