Citizens Energy offering free roof top solar panels for low income citizens



Joe Kennedy of Citizens Energy congratulating a recipient of his solar program in 2013
Joe Kennedy of Citizens Energy congratulating a recipient of his solar program in 2013


EL CENTRO – A little over a year ago, Citizens Energy chose an El Centro resident to receive free solar panels. The solar panel program is now available all the Imperial County who qualify.

“We are going to be here and we will do everything we can to make sure that the expertise is provided to this valley and that solar power becomes a really big word in the Imperial Valley,” Citizens Energy Founder, Joe Kennedy said.

“If their house is owned by them and they qualify through a fiscal study, then they qualify for putting solar panels on the roof,” Imperial County Board of Supervisors Chair, John Renison said.

Qualification means being in the low-income bracket. Citizens Energy doesn’t reveal the income level, but encourage those interested to call their office.

“Operators speak Spanish. They’ll send somebody out to qualify you and if you qualify for this you will get free solar panels. Your electricity is created by the solar panels and whatever excess goes to the IID,” Renison said.

These panels normally start at $30,000.

“My hats off to Citizens Energy because they’re reinvesting their profits from the Sunrise Powerlink back into the community and that’s the way it should be,” Renison said.

Citizens Energy is taking applications now. if you’re interested contact Citizens Energy at 855 Go Sun Go.  (858-467-8646)


  1. Put your hat back on John our region has been bent over exporting our transmission and distribution revenue and our natural resources to the coast by Joe in partnership with SDG&E. This is just another photo op to patronize us little people and the general public. This is merely annual cheap tokenism and public grandstanding at it’s best.

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