Chris Grant’s Sport Talk: All hail the kings


In the span of just a couple days, both the NHL and the NBA crowned their champions, abruptly putting an end to the winter sports and leaving us with little more than baseball to focus on over the next couple months.

As predicted last week, the Golden State Warriors took care of business and won their second NBA title in the past three years. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers did manage to beat the Warriors once, which is something no other team in the playoffs can say they did. So, I guess they can content themselves with that as they dream of adding a player of the caliber of Kevin Durant for a possible rematch next year.

I talked about it last week and the Warriors’ run through the playoffs was simply incredible. They were facing off against the best teams the NBA has to offer and they only lost one game! It is simply unheard of.

After the series ended, LeBron made the claim that he’d never been part of a super team and I guess he is right. He certainly never was part of a team with as much talent as Golden State. It will be interesting to see what Cleveland does to try and even things out. Carmelo Anthony perhaps? If the Cavaliers do make that move, then I think the league should just fast forward to the 2018 finals. It won’t be much fun for any of the other franchises, but it would seem like the inevitable conclusion.

The Pittsburgh Penguins hoisted the Stanley Cup again, shutting out the Predators in Nashville in the sixth and deciding game. It was actually the only road win for either team in the entire series. The Penguins dominated the final two games, outscoring Nashville 8-0, and left little doubt about who are the top dogs in the NHL with their performance.

After my team was knocked out in the first round I spent much of the NHL playoffs rooting against Sidney Crosby and company. That’s certainly what I was doing in the finals, for all the good it did me. Much like the Golden State Warriors, the Penguins are the best thing going in the NHL right now. Crosby is the best player on the planet and he is surrounded by other fantastic hockey players. That said, I don’t think Pittsburgh is a super team, so I am guessing some other NHL franchise might be capable of rising up next year and dethroning the two-time defending champions.

Finally, a little boxing news was made this week. Floyd Mayweather announced he would be fighting UFC champion Connor McGregor in a boxing match in August. I do not get this at all. Sure, both guys are going to get paid — a lot. But what chance does McGregor stand of beating Mayweather in a boxing match? Probably about as much chance as Mayweather might stand fighting McGregor in the UFC cage. Whenever you have guys who are supposedly the toughest fighters on the planet, you want to see them fight each other. I get that. That is why Muhammad Ali fought Antonio Inoki. Of course, in that particular contest no one asked Inoki to box and the entire thing ended up being pretty ridiculous. This time, McGregor will put whatever boxing skills he has on display against one of the greatest boxers in the history of boxing. I feel like there is no way this ends well. My guess is the fight maybe lasts two rounds and everyone who shelled out big bucks to buy the pay per view ends up wishing for a refund.