“Change is your choice” – Writer says


letter to the editor“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”          George Orwell 1984

” The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be secure, when the transactions  of their  values may be

concealed from them.        Patric Henry

Water is undoubtedly the second most important resource on our planet, after breathable air. Imperial Valley has great water and poor air. As our water is taken for use by millions on coast, air quality can become a catastrophe. Is the Valley prepared?


As precious water will increase dramatically in value in 40 years, which goes 100% to 22 million beneficiaries: IID cost will increase dramatically and is 100% the risk of 170,000 residents here, but wait, the liability is yours and increases already estimated to be in the billions… This is the QSA, is this a fair deal ?


Can you live with this scenario for your future…IN 40 years what will the dollars be worth you receive for your invaluable water, which cannot be replaced?  Is is right for 22 million people to receive all the benefits of your water and you receive 100% of the risk?

What would  you do if a station offered gas at 50 cents a gallon?  line up to buy till its gone..Same for water priced 85% under the market price. Unless IID can correct this, the simple economic principle will apply…It will be bought till it’s gone. The manager of IID does not want to raise the price: what about you? Do you think it is worth a try? After all, 600,000 a/f is leaving the valley worth one billion a year at marginal cost to San Diego and San Francisco  BUT  IID will lose money.?  Are you satisfied? What was the dream team thinking?

Every city has a 100 year flood plan…I suggest every city will have a 100 year drought plan. California has had dry periods over 200 years. I believe we are now in a reversion to the mean, which represents epic drought conditions..The decisions IID makes right now will dictate a future of opportunity and hope and prosperity..  The decision to change is your choice..Is IID modern and up to speed in thinking and action?  If a higher level of effort is not created, will the same old passive, negative and apathetic and obsolete management will remain? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Water Banking and drought insurance are profound opportunities and have not happened because of poor management, a lack of vision and fortitude to get ahead. Today, do you think you should demand better? Remember, you have every right to receive  enormous wealth inherent in your first priority senior water rights.. Why give that up ? The pioneers created it for you, not SD.

If anyone would argue with this very grim assessment, read the qsa contract…ask yourself why IID promoted it for 13 years?

Is the  best bet now is to allow Ron Olson and his excellent firm to analyze this deathly contract to attempt to level the playing field and possibly retrieve or retain some of the 40+ billion in your lost water value.  Is it your choice?

My best regards,
American Water Resources Inc.

Tom Havens


You are never ready to do what you have to do, you just do it, that’s what makes you ready……Tom Havens