Chamber of Commerce Day


Have you been enjoying the weather? I wish we had a porch, because we would be spending lots of time sitting on it. We have yet to turn on the air conditioner, but our neighbors to the east and west have not been as lucky, or maybe as insulated. Both days and nights have been perfect, and we should enjoy the opportunity to leave the windows open for as long as possible. We will all be singing the summertime blues very soon.

Chamber of Commerce days, are those times where the weather is very nice and it is what makes the valley a fall, winter, and spring playground for locals and visitors. Sometimes people will say, “Why can’t it be like this all year round?” A wise response to that question I heard a long time ago was, “If the summers weren’t hot, we would have as many people as L.A.!” I don’t know if that is true, but our searing summers do scare away a lot of folks. It is a valley truth that the hot summers do calm the commerce, and anyone who can afford it, heads west to the fairer climes of San Diego. I have joked with many friends who grew up here that we are going to become “Sweatbirds,” where when June rolls around, we roll out of town until we return in late September or early October. Currently my sweatbird sojourns are on hold until further fiscal notice. I married beauty rather than wealth, so I am working a lot longer, and I will be sweating my summers here in the valley until my mid 60’s.

As a result of our Chamber of Commerce weather, the chambers and downtown business associations of many of our cities are Jim Sweatbirdtaking advantage with farmer’s markets, food competitions, street fairs, produce parties and various community celebrations. These are great activities, good eating, and lots of fun. I especially like the opportunity to see many of us who don’t get out that much. I don’t make it to all the outdoor activities but I wish I would. I don’t drink or drug anymore, so food is my fetish. Whether it is tacos, dogs, or sweet snacks, junk food seems to taste better at community events. As a music lover, there is something special about listening to free, live music on a sunny day or starry night.

Jim communityI personally want to thank all the volunteers and vendors who make these activities happen. In the valley we have a lot of team spirit. If I am not mistaken, we are having more rather than less of these events. One thing I wish is that we had the farmer’s markets going on, at least twice a month, throughout the year. Even though many may think the summer scorches these activities, that is not my experience. The heat does not scare the faithful from attending these get togethers , whether it is in the 80’s or 118. Even though the economy is weak, lets’ appreciate the strong who put their backs together to promote commerce and community.