Central Union High honors seniors in graduation ceremony

Central Union High Class President Natalia Rojas leads the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance Friday during the school’s graduation ceremony held on the football field.

EL CENTRO — Marking an end to four years of academics for seniors, Central Union High School held the Class of 2017 graduation Friday as applause from family and friends echoed throughout Central’s football stadium.

Kicking off the memorable occasion, the Spartan band played “Pomp and Circumstance,” to welcome the new graduates onto the field. After welcoming everyone to the graduation, Principal Craig Lyon took to the podium to thank those in attendance.

Principal Lyon then invited Class President Natalia Rojas to the stage to lead the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Spartan Band performing the Star-Spangled Banner with trumpets accompanying the sounds of the other instruments.

Student Clarissa Nava approached the podium to address her fellow seniors in a passionate speech on their years in high school.

“Throughout our years in high school, we got to experience the feeling of being so small and now to grow up to become seniors, we will once again become the little people to make our way through our life journeys, and I wish everyone the best of luck on theirs,” said Nava.

In a brief reflection period, the Spartan band played Central’s Alma Mater for the audience. The sounds of tubas, trumpets, and percussion instruments filled the stadium with the sounds of Spartan Pride.

For the next senior speech, Andrea Roman made her way to the stage to speak about the familiar and unfamiliar faces of her class.

“Being a member of this Central class can be an overwhelming thought, because for most of us, we are sitting next to peers that we may not even know,” Roman said. “But today, we all have something in common and that is we are about to begin the next chapters of our lives, and I hope the bonds we’ve made at this school are never ending.”

To end the evening’s musical tributes, the senior band members joined the band to perform the last Spartan Band concert of their careers as they played “I Got a Feeling” and “Can’t Hold on to Us” to lift the mood for the presentation of the class.

To close the evening, Principal Lyon and the school board members presented each member of the graduating class and brought them on stage to receive a diploma for successfully completing all the requirements of graduation.