Central Accepts $844,000 Prop 39 Grant Money




EL CENTRO — Senator Ben Hueso and Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia presented a grant check totaling over $800 thousand from Proposition 39 funds to Central Union’s Principal Mike Sterner, and trustees Todd Evangelist and Emma Jones for energy efficient projects.


“This funding will have a positive impact on our environment by reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint in our high schools,” Hueso said to the teachers and students gathered. “The implementation of LED lighting technology will also save our schools money on their energy bill and allow them to redirect these funds on education instead.”


Evangelist remarked that the $844,000 for lighting would allow the general fund to remain intact to pay salaries and buy books for Central High.


Other schools in Imperial County that benefited from the California Clean Energy Jobs Act Award (Proposition 39) were Southwest High School, Desert Oasis Continuation, Brawley Union, Frank Wright Middle School, Waggoner Elementary, Holbrook High, and Ben Hulse.