Cattle Call Queen Committee Re-Opens Queen Contest

Ami Hovley
Contestant Ami Hovley withdrew from the 2016 Cattle Call Queen contest, forcing the Queen Committee to reopen the search for contestants.

BRAWLEY —  This past week, the Brawley Cattle Call Queen Committee and Brawley Chamber of Commerce accepted a letter of withdrawal from lone queen contestant Ami Hovley. Hovley told the committee and chamber that she just did not feel she had the confidence to compete this year, but will continue training in hopes of competing in next year’s competition.

Immediately following the meeting, Queen Committee members and the chamber met to discuss their options and the future of the contest. It was determined that applications for the only the queen category would re-open at a regional level. This will be the first time contestants from outside the Imperial County will be eligible to compete for the Cattle Call Queen title. Competitors with residency in Imperial, San Diego, Yuma and Riverside counties may apply to compete for the queen title.

“We feel this will inspire our local girls coming up in the age groups to compete in the future,” said Committee Co-Chairs Alexis Brown and Kaylynn Sampson. “What better way to celebrate 60 years of rodeo by taking our competition to the next level.”

The Cattle Call Rodeo Queen competition is among the last in the State of California to open their contest to regional applicants.

Katie Luna, Executive Director of the Brawley Chamber said, “Our focus has always been to support the young women who are dedicated to horsemanship and pageantry. Now, by opening the competition regionally, we will be in alignment with contests all over the state that have the same focus. We are thrilled to be moving the contest in a modern direction while honoring the traditions of the Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo.”

Local and regional contestants are encouraged to apply and must submit their applications to the Brawley Chamber of Commerce by July 29. For more information, call (760) 344-3160 or visit to download the application.