Cattle Call Cowbelle BBQ Draws Huge Turnout

Students from the class of 2019 create a well orchestrated assembly line, creating fast service.
Students from the class of 2019 create a well-orchestrated assembly line, giving fast service to attendees of the Cowbell’s barbecue Thursday.

BRAWLEY — Staying true to the traditions of Cattle Call, the sophomores of Brawley Union High’s class of 2019 hosted a well-attended Cowbelle Barbecue Thursday, and with the great turnout, raised money for their senior year.

Serving a hearty tri-tip dinner, this year’s barbecue transformed Brawley’s Lion’s Center into a giant assembly line that deftly filled each plate.

Gracie Tomboc, advisor for the class of 2019, said she was pleased they sold upwards of 2,000 tickets for the evening.

Those who remained at the Lion’s Center to eat were entertained by campus club groups including the Ukulele Club and Folklorico dancers as well as Ed Otter of the band Capital 64, who lightened up the moods of those waiting in lengthy lines.

BUHS freshman class officers also contributed to the festivities by choreographing a dance routine that they shared with the audience towards the end of the evening.

Money from the event will be used for the senior year of the class of 2019 to fund various trips and help pay the way for underprivileged teens who may not be able to come up with the money to attend the festivities with their classmates.

“I am so proud of my class to be able to manage the hectic scene for their first big fundraiser,” said Tomboc. “We are all proud to be keeping this Brawley tradition alive while being able to raise money to support the senior year for the class of 2019.”

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