Cattle Call Concert a ‘Big Time’





Imperial Valley Master Chorale

BRAWLEY – The Cattle Call Concert 2014 signals the 58th annual Cattle Call Rodeo will quickly be upon us.

Hosted by the North County Coalition for the Arts, the Imperial Valley Choral Society, and the Imperial Valley College, the Imperial Master Chorale performed to a packed house.

The concert was held at the Sacred Heart church Parish Hall Sunday evening.

Director Denny Lang

Denny Lang, Artistic Director of the Imperial Choral Society and Director of the Imperial Valley Master Choral, also took on the duties of emcee for the evening.

Donna Marlin accompanied on piano.

Many special guests added to the variety of this year’s concert.

The Bluegrass Rangers added guitars and songs to the evening, Jack Kirby told funny stories of the old west, trick roper Alfredo Ruiz dazzled the audience with his roping skills, and some children got involved in a cow-roping skit.

The evening gave a down-home feeling to the start of Cattle Call season.

The 58th Annual Cattle Call Rodeo is November 8th and 9th.