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Coach Self
Head Coach Jon Self

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Wildcat’s football pride and tradition will play a huge role in the upcoming 2014 season.

Coach Jon Self enters his fourth season as Head Coach of the Wildcats. While some big names have graduated, this year’s team will be hungry for an IVL Title which, for the past three seasons, has traveled the short-ten mile trip between Imperial and Brawley.

The Wildcats may appear to be a young team on paper, but the players moving up from the lower divisions in Frosh and JV had an accumulated record of 19-0-1. However, Varsity is a different level of football, and it will be up to the experienced Seniors to step up and help this team  perform at its maximum potential.

Spotlighting Seniors on the roster are QB Ross Rubio who will be directing the Wildcats for a second full year as the starting QB. Rubio’s first start was against Imperial in the playoffs as a sophomore two years ago. He led that team victory, a semi-final appearance, and that experience, along with last year, will benefit the team immensely.

Senior Adkin “Nico” Aguirre, who dazzled Wildcat fans on both offense and defense last year, looks to contribute to the success of Brawley Football. Look for him to have fans on the edge of their seats each time he touches the ball.

Senior Andrew Ortiz will be a big factor not only on offense and defense but also on special teams as a punter. On defense he will play in the linebacker position where his stats were among the top three last year. He will also play running back with Rubio and Aguirre in the backfield.

Senior Stephen Baeza should make big waves in this football pool. He was a starter on defense last year and will make a big impact his final season as a Wildcat.

Junior Jacob Ordonez played good defense his sophomore season and could be used on offense his second season on Varsity.

The offensive line for the Wildcats has always been its strength and recipe for success. Wildcats will be young on the offensive line but will tap into Senior Tony Ramos’s experience, as this is his third year on Varsity.

Junior Isaiah Martinez was one of only a few who made the Varsity roster as a sophomore last year and expectations are high on his performance.

This team is young, but there are players in their first year on Varsity that could potentially have great seasons.

Junior Nathan Suits had an incredible season on JV last year and it should continue into this season. Speedster Kevin Kastner also contributed heavily in the undefeated season of the JV squad of last year.

Other players you could be reading and hearing about in the 2014 season are the following:

Seniors – Christian Ramirez, Alex Zamudio, Raymond Caballero, Deon Thomas, Isaac Yancy

Juniors – Nathan Montalvo, Alex Campbell,

Sophomores – AJ Grijalva, Alec Gastelo, Austin Gutierrez, Blake Zeleny, and Moises Lazos

The Brawley Wildcats schedule has them only traveling to San Diego once this year. After the season opener at Hoover in San Diego the Wildcats and their fans will enjoy five home games with a bye on October 3rd.

The only distant away game is October 31st in Blythe versus Palo Verde. Shadow Hills of Indio will be the only team Brawley has never faced and that game is on September 12th.

Be on the lookout for previews on Thursdays for every Brawley Wildcat game this season on this website.

Brawley Games of Interest

August 29th at Hoover
It’s the season opener and teams always want to get the season started with a win. Brawley record against opposing Coach Jerry Ralph is 2-2. (1-1 with St. Augustine and 1-1 against Hoover) Each team has won at home with Hoover victors 27-13 in San Diego the Wildcats winners last year 18-0 in Brawley.

October 24th at Imperial
This game has all the makings of a “Game of Interest”. Coach John Self is 2-2 versus the Tigers. The winner could propel their team to the IVL Title. This has turned into a big rivalry type game that has filled the stands with fans. Expect the same this season.

November 7th vs. Central
This game has the potential to be the IVL Title game as we have seen in years past. Coach Michael Hobbs is now in his fourth season and has established a football program that reached the semi-finals in their division last year. It’s the Annual “Victory Bell” game so it doesn’t need any hype.


    • 2nd to last Aguirre…tough as nails. Wait till you see his Little Brother, only a Frosh. These are Harvey’s Boy’s.

  1. What happened to my post!

    Anyways, as I was saying, Brawley will dominate the IVL for the rest of the decade. CIF will be a little different. Brawley needs to expand their passing game. No passing, no semi’s. Also need to develop some of the lesser players and quit living off natural talent. Try not to have too many 2 way players, which can really cause you in the late minutes. Get to work Coaches, put some substance into your teaching….

  2. Brawley pretty much will dominate the IVL for the rest of the decade. Where they will have problems is in trying to crack the semi’s in CIF. It is time for Brawley to follow the new norm in HS Football and start to throw the ball. A sucessful passing game allows for 2-way starters to reserve game time stamina needed for the defensive side. Brawley has to many 2-way starters. Brawley has the numbers, now they need to develop the lesser players and not live off the talent of the dozen or so top players.

    Next: Los Hornet’s de Calipatria.

    • Shapiro the problem that valley schools run into is the lack of depth. Our best players down here have to play both ways yes that is a disadvantage for us valley schools but it is what it is. That is why these private schools should be in their own division. It’s easy when you not only have 6’5 275lb OL but your back ups are 6.3 250.

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