Carrot Festival Cookery Contest featured unique dishes

Judges at the event taking a look at dish for the contest, a unique carrot-made salsa dip.
Judges taking a look at a unique carrot-made salsa dip made for the contest.

HOLTVILLE – Cooking, carrots, and creativity can be combined to make wonderful things. This proved to be the case at the Carrot Festival Cookery Contest (Little Chef and Junior Chef division) on Monday.

“Today was about the children,” explained Betty Predmore, the main host of the event and head chair of the organization, “We wanted the kids to come in and compete within their own division rather than against the adult group. It’s a good way for them to cook and feel good about themselves.”

Split into 2 divisions, the Little Chef and Junior Chef, youngsters were invited to try their hand at cooking unique dishes with carrots.

The two categories for the night were Miscellaneous and Main Dish. There was a variety of unique carrot dishes such as Carrot Apple Bread, Creamy Carrot Tortellini, and even Carrot Fried Rice.

The event started with each guest receiving a raffle ticket. The raffle winners were awarded with various unique carrot-themed gifts such as carrot purses, carrot Tupperware, and even carrot Koozies.

The dishes were each set in their own division tables for the multiple judges to view and rate. Decorations such as a picnic-designed tablecloth and plastic carrots truly brought the carrot theme to life.

After the judging took place, guests were treated to samples of each dish.

“This is the 69th annual event, so we’ve been around a little while,” said Predmore. “The turnout today was good. Our winter snowbird visitors love to come. The spectator turnout is typical for this night. Tomorrow I expect quite a few more people. It is some of the adult divisions so there will be probably three times as much entries.”

The Adult Chefs division will be held at 6:00pm on Tuesday, February 2nd at the Civic Center.

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