Carli Rose and Cailee Roper run for Cattle Call Royalty

(L-R) Teen Queen contestant, Cailee Roper, and Cattle Call Queen contestant, Carli Rose

BRAWLEY – Two young ladies have thrown down the gauntlet, or in their case, have thrown their Stetsons into the Cattle Call Queen and Teen Queen ring.

Carli Rose, a pretty 20 year old IVC student, will by the sole contestant in this year’s 2013 Cattle Call Queen Contest. Nevertheless, Carli brings experience to her upcoming role since she is a recent 2011 Cattle Call Princess.  She comes polished, knowledgeable, and with enthusiasm for the Brawley Rodeo and her community as the soon-to-be chosen Chamber ambassador.

Carli said, “I am looking forward to this coming year.”

The single Teen Queen contestant is 13 year old Cailee Roper. Cailee has been dreaming of this day since watching her older sister, past Teen Queen Chelsey Roper, have a year of work, fun, and glamour.

These girls still will be put through vigorous grooming and pageantry regulations regardless of their eventually crowning.

Their calendars are now filled with etiquette, modeling, and riding classes. Photo shoots are penciled in as well as hair and makeup sessions with professionals. They will get lessons herding cattle.  All of this is offered by volunteers who help these young ladies be their very best, along with hopes to produce a queen that graces the local rodeo and perhaps sets her sights on competing at the state level.

Their next few weeks of whirlwind preparation will end at their horsemanship competition at 6:00 p.m. on October 18, 2013 at the Cattle Call main arena.  There, they will show their equestrian competency flying around the arena with flags, sliding stops, fast spins, and maneuvering steers. The following night, Saturday, October 19, at the Barbara Worth Country Club, they will leave their horses behind, don long, elegant designer leather dresses, and show their personalities through speaking, modeling, and the ability to answer impromptu rodeo and equestrian questions.

As busy as these young ladies were preparing for coronation, the following weeks will be insane as they travel to elementary schools exciting youngsters about the upcoming professional rodeo. They will say their rodeo-inspired speeches to so many organizations that at the end, they will swear they have the other girl’s speech memorized.

The equestrian completion is free to the public, and tickets are available for the coronation dinner/dance at the Barbara Worth Country Club for $35. Sponsorships are offered from Event Sponsorships at $1850.00 to the Silver Star Patron at $125.00.