Can voters swipe same-sex ‘marriage’ victory from courts?


marriagePeople of faith are taking a beating partly from the federal courts but one legal expert says there is something that “We the People” can do about it.

That word comes from Brad Dacus, Founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, who points to one example. That’s the federal courts that have overturned constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage.

“This is clearly not the time to surrender,” Dacus asserts. “The battles are shifting without question, but there are still parts of the country, there are still courts that are not approving and not signing off with regard to homosexual marriage as being some constitutional right, and we still have a very good shot at seeing this matter positively resolved.”

Religious freedom, protected by the United States Constitution, is in disarray largely because of federal court rulings, but the U.S. Supreme Court has failed in most cases to provide clear-cut guidance.

However, Dacus has a word of encouragement for Americans:

“A really good reason why people should not give up is because we the people … we run this country,” Dacus insists. “We have an election coming up and this is a very valuable tool that we have in stating the direction of this nation.”

In the last presidential election, many Christians and conservatives were a no show, but Dacus says “we cannot afford to make this same mistake this November.”