Campus Life brings sumo suit showdown to Pine Elementary


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HOLTVILLE – Nestled in the outskirts of Holtville’s countryside is Pine Elementary School, where about 120 students, from kindergarten to 8th grade, attend. On Wednesday, January 13th, the Pine branch of Youth for Christ’s Campus Life club held a sumo suits tournament for the students just before classes finished for the day.

In this tournament, twenty students, divided into teams of ten boys and ten girls, participated for a chance to win prizes that including candy, a Campus Life t-shirt, and a music CD, plus bragging rights for the reigning champion of each division.

The concept of a sumo suit match is silly, yet fun and exciting for those who participate and for those that watch. Each player slips into a comical, fat, padded suit designed to look like a sumo wrestler’s body. Much like a real sumo wrestling match, the object is either to get your opponent to step out of the circled line, or knock them down to the ground. The player that managed to win a best two out of three rounds would advance in the tournament.

Putting on the tournament was Campus Life Corps staff member Jim Roberts, who leads the Campus Life club at Pine Elementary. For Roberts, it was delight to see nearly a hundred excited kids show up to witness the fun-filled extravaganza.

“The kids had been wanting a whole school activity, and not a lot of kids know much about Campus Life here, so I wanted to do something big and fun. So, all the little kids, when they grow up, they will want to participate in something like Campus Life. It’s a great ministry,” said Roberts.

Campus Life clubs Valley-wide often put on fun events, such as this one, in order to draw in more students and get them involved in their on-campus club meetings where they can be a part of a safe environment and learn to make a difference in their schools.

At the end of the tournament, 8th grade student Riley Merten was declared the winner of the girls division and 7th grade student Jose Reyna won for the boys.