Camarena Memorial Library hosts ‘Building a Better World’ day camp

Day camper Yelena Romero works on her shaving cream picture with library staff during the Camarena Memorial Library’s summer day camp program that began June 19.

CALEXICO – Encouraging students who are on summer vacation to stay active, the Camarena Memorial Library is hosting a summer reading program beginning June 19 and continuing until August 10.

Entitled “Building a Better World,” the day camp allows families to bring their children for fun and educational activities including “Artist at the Library,” a program designed to introduce children in kindergarten through sixth grade to local artists and the process of creating their own art.

In introducing the first of this type of activity for the children, staff members admitted they were unable to bring in a local artist for the day, so they decided to get a little creative with helping their campers.

“Even though we did not find a local artist to contribute to our cause, we as staff pulled together to come up with this fun and creative craft that these children can do at home,” said Coordinator Lizeth Legaspi.

In the art project, the children worked with shaving cream to create their masterpieces. To begin the craft, children would take a piece of construction paper and cover it with shaving cream. In the next step, they added different shades of food coloring and mixed to create the colors the children desired.

“For our first arts and crafts project, it worked out smoothly with all the children making their own creations to take home,” said Legaspi. “And let’s not forget, that the messier the project is, the more fun the children will have!”

Other upcoming events for school-aged children is the game of loteria and more crafts with the art projects on Mondays and loteria scheduled for Tuesday, with both starting at 1:30 p.m..

The library program is also available for preschoolers and babies where staff members have organized story time and simple fitness routines so the younger one can get active and have fun too. Other programs include movie night and entertainment night which will be available for all ages.

“The idea of this program is to bring families from the community out for a fun and educational opportunity for their children to continue to shape their minds for the upcoming school year,” explained Legaspi.

The next event sponsored by the library is STEAM day, giving kids a chance to engage in crafts that focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This activity is geared for fourth graders and older, and will be held June 28 at 4 p.m.