Calipat Health Fair Teaches Families with Fun and Innovational Activities


2015-04-30 09.47.49

CALIPATRIA — Calipatria held its first annual El Dia de los Ninos Community Celebration Wednesday, April 29, outside in the park.

The  health fair offered activities for kids and parents with the goal to promote behaviors that aid in living a healthy, vibrant life.

The behaviors the fair specifically showcased were healthy eating, being active, drinking water, sleeping well, and literacy.

Clinicas de las Salud organized the health fair which ran from 1 to 3 p.m. Representatives from IID, Lions Club, Literary Mobile Books Services (LAMBS), Catholic Charities, and Covered California set up booths to join the healthy celebration in Calipat.

Joshua Patton, Family Resource Coordinator for the city of Calipat and Athletic Director for Calipatria High School, partnered with Clinicas de las Salud in bringing these resources to Calipat.

“We want the community to see that these agencies are here for them,” Patton said. “This is a community that needs this knowledge. To many, it’s an eye opener that there is a lot the Valley offers.”

The event served a dual purpose, Patton said, both to reach out to the citizens of Calipat, and to expose Calipat to agencies that might not be aware of their need.

Clinicas de los Salud set up multiple booths, giving gifts and prizes to the children, and providing healthy activities, such as the children making fruit and vegetable shapes out of play dough. This taught them the correct percentage of food to ideally intake each day.

Other booths encouraged children to drink water instead of sodas or sports drinks. Story time was available to them through LAMBS, and the IID came to promote their energy savings programs to the parents.

Sun Community’s booth promoted the importance of saving money and learning to budget. Maria Flores of Sun Community said it was their goal to involve young parents.

The organizers strategically chose Wednesday afternoon, as schools are out at noon every Wednesday, Patton said.

“This is a great community,” Patton stated, “It is very tight-knit and family based. We are here to celebrate the children.”


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