California Gov. Signs Student-Gender Bill



California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Monday that will allow students to choose to use a school’s boys or girls bathroom and locker rooms based on whichever gender they believe they are.

The state is the first in the country to pass such a law. Students will also be allowed to participate in sex-segregated activities, including sports teams. It applies to public school students in elementary, middle and high school.

“This law takes away students’ privacy rights, puts our children at risk, and limits the authority of local school districts,” said Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, a pro-family group in Sacramento. “AB 1266 does not require proof for students who claim to have gender identity issues — school administrators will have to take the child on his or her word when they want to use the facilities of the opposite sex.”

And the law provides absolutely no safety measures to protect students who may be harmed by the policy.

“Districts will have lawsuits coming from both sides because schools have no authority to fully protect the majority of students,” England explained.

Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, said the firm will not shy away from standing up for those affected by the policy.

“We at Pacific Justice Institute stand ready and willing to defend anyone who will be victimized as a result of this new law,” he said. “That includes someone whose privacy rights are violated in the bathroom, in the locker room, in the showers, or someone who is prevented from playing on a sports team because someone from the opposite gender took their place.”

This legislation was never about helping students, England said.

“It is about furthering the radical lesbian, bisexual, and transgender agenda,” she explained. “The homosexual activists are forcing San Francisco values on all California public schools at the expense of our most vulnerable — our children.”