Calexico’s Manantiales De Vida church celebrates first Easter Sunrise service



Pastor Obed Badilla preaches to the congregation at the Manantiales de Vida church’s first Easter Sunrise service.

CALEXICO - As the sun gently rose and filled the blue sky with light, residents of Calexico breezed into Manantiales De Vida church for the congregation’s first sunrise service to celebrate Easter Sunday. The sermon was led by Pastor Obed Badilla with a message centered on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The service was followed by a breakfast for all the families present as each contributed different dishes.

This year for Easter Sunday, Pastor Obed said he decided to turn ordinary service time around and begin at six in the morning with a sunrise service. As the congregation gathered together in bright pastel clothing, the service opened with praise and traditional energetic songs. Children jumped to the rhythm of the songs as their parents clapped and sang to the joyful tunes of new life and faith.

“This morning was something different than our usual 11 a.m. service,” said Edgar Jaimes, the drummer of the worship team. “The service had a more meaningful message and a sense of memorial to Jesus’s hope and sacrifice. It unblinds us from the tradition we’re used to and settles us in the reality of the cross.”

As the service continued to the sermon by Pastor Obed, he reminded the audience to live every day in God’s hope because Christ lived on earth and roamed within the people. Obed said Christ gives the church reassurance of directing their lives by the meaning of the resurrection and the good things they can find through the cross.

With an atmosphere of peace, the service ended with a prayer and carried on with the breakfast as they served pancakes, eggs, beans, fresh cut fruit and refreshments. Families gathered together to eat and enjoy the chilly Sunday morning.

“The resurrection has a huge impact in my life, especially as a mother and grandmother,” said Alma Murrillo. “I love the unity we have as brothers and sisters in Christ. We’re always here for each other. I take it as an example for my family and as a woman that God is the most beautiful thing that happened to me,” she continued as she smiled and enjoyed the moment with her daughters and grandchildren.