Calexico’s John Moreno Honored for Contributions to City and Beyond

State Sen. Ben Hueso, John Moreno and Christian Nunez (L-R) hold the plaque recognizing Moreno’s accomplishments Friday.

CALEXICO – In appreciation for his numerous years of valuable leadership, achievements and exceptional dedication to the city of Calexico, former councilman and mayor John Moreno received a proclamation from Sen. Ben Hueso and Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia Friday during a special ceremony held at the Calexico Chamber of Commerce.

Moreno began his career in the city’s planning department and in 2016, completed an eight-year term of serving on the Calexico city council.

Moreno credited his success to his parents who instilled hard work ethics and dedication in him, and he thanked his family for their support, as well as his mentor and cousin Victor Carillo for his support during his campaigns when running for office.

“This is an honor for me to receive,” said Moreno. “From the moment I was 11 years old I was bussing tables at my uncle Ruben’s restaurant, and I learned that hard work is part of the character of a man or a woman. I saw examples from my father who worked between 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week at the supermarket, and my mother who was always there to push and guide us and tell us that the world isn’t always a living, and if we wanted something, we had to get it, because nobody is going to give it to you.”

A lifelong Calexico resident and Bulldog himself, Moreno graduated from Calexico High School in 1978, and is the official commentator for the Calexico football games. He is branded as the “voice of the Bulldogs.”

Moreno was first elected to office in 2008, and prior to his re-election in 2012, served as mayor for the city of Calexico.

While serving on the city council during his eight-year tenure, Moreno had numerous accomplishments including the development of the Gran Plaza Outlets, the downtown Port of Entry expansion, improvements on Highway 98 and Cesar Chavez Boulevard, procurement of a senior housing development and the Margarita De Necochea Bulldog Aquatic Center.

Currently, Moreno serves as Aurora High School’s principal and said he plans to run for an Imperial County office down the road.

Joined by numerous family members, Moreno said he hopes his nieces and nephews follow the family’s tradition of serving the community.

“Having great pride of not only being in Calexico and Bulldogs at heart, and that we have that Bulldog determination to make this community better, I hope that in the future, some of my nieces and nephews that are here will consider carrying on the tradition of service to the community.”

State Sen. Ben Hueso said Moreno’s years of service as a councilman, mayor, educator and mentor in Calexico have extended well beyond the city’s boundaries to the community and well beyond.

“Leadership is tough,” said Hueso. “Serving in local government is very difficult, and looking back on your contributions, you have done some amazing things in guiding and improving the community.”

Hueso went on to say it was amazing to see a pioneer family such as the Morenos going on 100 years of serving the community.

“The Moreno name is plastered all over the historical archives of Calexico,” said Hueso. “In 2023, we will definitely do something to recognize the 100 years of the Moreno family serving our community.”