Calexico Students Hold Black and White Reception for Art Exhibit



CALEXICO — The Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center hosted a young artist display of various genres, Tuesday, January 17. The theme, “A Black and White Reception,” had community locals appreciating the creativity, as they enjoyed food and refreshments while viewing the Calexico High School art students’ designs and portraits.

“The cultural arts center is going on over a decade of teaming up with Calexico High School” said Eddie Shiffer, advanced arts teacher. “This gives their dedicated students a chance to showcase their art work which they have worked on for most of the semester.

Much of the artwork displayed was crafted through charcoal, meeting the reception’s theme of a black and white color palette.

One piece of work, “Lunch,” and was drawn in charcoal pencil by Claudia Quezada, who depicted a courtyard similar to her high school but with her own vintage touch.

Other pieces in this style included linked-portraits of fictional and non-fiction characters such as Johnny Depp and his fictional character, Edward Scissorhands.

Complex charcoal art works came from various students who chose lighthouses as an inspirational purpose of guiding those at sea.

Another featured artist included Angel Esparza, who was chosen Artist of the Month by the Calexico Arts Commission, with his black and white photography, “Hands,” and “Growing” collections, which depicted a man working a field, representing the vast Valley work force.

Some students took the path of shooting close-up shots of popular Calexico locations.

Still others softened their perspective photography with personal images of students and their friends interacting.

Artist Sylvya Ramirez took a unique approach with her photography by displaying a nest of humming bird eggs giving people a touch of nature.

“With all the hard work the students put into their art work, it’s a great privilege to work with the Arts Commission to give the recognition the students deserve,” said Shiffer.

A high school student group performed live, rock-alternative music, further enriching the mood and ambiance of the room.

The collection will remain open to the public at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center through January 19.

Claudia Quezada drawing, entitled “Lunch”.