Calexico School District Swears in New Board Members

New board member Enrique Alvarado was sworn in Dec. 7 by Imperial County Judge Raymond Cota.


Newly-elected Calexico school board member Michael Castillo was sworn in by Imperial County Judge Raymond Cota Dec. 7 at a special board meeting.

CALEXICO — The Calexico Unified School District (CUSD) held a special meeting Dec. 7 at the District Administration board room where Judge Raymond A. Cota swore in the newly elected members.

Judge Cota administered the oath to new board members Enrique Alvarado and Michael Castillo Wednesday evening, while Ciro Calderon was sworn in earlier by CUSD Superintendent Maria Ambriz.

During the Nov. 8 elections, Enrique Alvarado, Ciro Calderon and Michael Castillo were elected to serve as the new CUSD board members and will replace current board members Norma Aguilar and Priscilla Real as well as outgoing President Erik Ortega who was elected to serve as the District 4 IID Board of Directors.

“I would like to acknowledge everyone who takes the time to serve our students in Calexico, whether in a civic or professional capacity,” said Ortega. “I began serving as the school board president due to the resignation of a trustee, and as board president have had the opportunity to work closer with our educators throughout my term as president. My appreciation goes out to our hard-working employees and dedicated students and parents as well.”

Ortega reminded the incoming board members of the importance of their roles and said their decisions would impact students’ education and future.

“We are all here with the purpose of furthering the education of our students and I ask that everyone continue encouraging our students so we can help them do better,” said Ortega.

Ortega also thanked his wife and family for their support as well as the board members and staff.

“I want to say it has been a pleasure and honor to serve as a trustee on the CUSD board,” said outgoing board member Aguilar. “We have accomplished many good things and there are still challenges remaining that need to be addressed. I want to encourage you to stay vigil to the bottom line, which is the general fund that drives your decision making.”

“I am privileged and honored to have served on the board for the last 18 months,” said Real. “Not only did I serve my country, but knowing that I came back to the city I grew up in and graduated from to serve our students. It’s baffling just to know that I had the opportunity to do that. It was amazing. The journey was wonderful and I want to thank the community, to the district, to students as well, for giving me the opportunity. I hope that all of our pending projects continue to go through the path and come to a fruition.”