Calexico School District addresses school’s actions on high school lockdown


CALEXICO - Following a press release from the Calexico Police Department on Thursday’s lockdown at Calexico High School, the Calexico Unified School District issued another press release to the community giving detail about the school’s actions to ensure student safety the afternoon of the incident.

According to the press release from the school district, the Calexico Police Department received a call around 2:40 p.m from a student that allegedly carried a gun on campus. As the school immediately placed the campus on lockdown, the Calexico Police Department and U.S. Border Patrol agents responded to the call and began a search.

The police determined that the alleged weapon carried by the student was actually a toy gun, according to an earlier press release.

As of press time, the Calexico Police Department did not return phone calls and further inquiries from this newspaper regarding the incident. There has been no further information available to the public as it is still an on-going investigation, according to the police. Calexico High School officials have also not responded to a request for further information.

A Calexico High student was contacted by this newspaper who was reportedly in a classroom near the first classroom authorities searched. The student claimed she heard the lockdown alarm and said the principal of Calexico High School announced through the intercom that a lockdown was taking place.

According to the student, her classmates took regular precautions they have practiced before, and said the class only heard chairs and desks being moved around from the next classroom as well as officials talking and running from the outside. The classroom was then dismissed around 3:25 p.m, the student said.

Ofelia Meza, a parent of a Calexico High student, said she waited over an hour after school for her son to be released by school officials. Her son later mentioned to her that the whole school was under lockdown.

“I demanded and called the school for them to give me an answer,” Meza said. “The school should place metal detectors or start checking student’s backpacks. We as parents and community have to start a meeting with the school district and know what measures the school is taking to keep our children safe.”

The press release stated that at 3:40 p.m, the police department determined students and staff were safe and began dismissing the campus by sections. Later that afternoon, the district reportedly sent parents and the community a message via the District website, Facebook page, and a phone message system about the incident.