Calexico Rec Center Hosts ’60s and ’70s Flash Back Dance

(L) Patty Hurtado and Carmen Maldonado (R) dressed for the ’60s and ’70s era during Calexico Rec Center’s dance.

CALEXICO – Calexico residents experienced a blast from the past Friday evening as they boogied to music from the ’60s and ’70s during a dinner/dance music revival event sponsored by Calexico’s Recreation Department at the Community Center.

Dressed in go-go boots, tie-dyed dresses, bell bottoms, wigs, and platform shoes, the women boogied with past dance moves while the men completed the era’s looks wearing pantsuits, flowered shirts, wigs and jeans.

According to Calexico Recreation Department Event Coordinator Carmen Maldonado, the event is geared for the senior community, however, people from all ages attend.

“This is the fourth year we’ve put on this event, and the number of people attending has been pretty steady,” said Maldonado.  “People really enjoy this kind of music from this era.”

Local singers Patty Hurtado and Tony Navarro sang popular songs, such as “Bule Bule,” “Oye Como Va,” “La Plaga,” and “Fue En Un Café” among many others, adding a twist to this year’s dance.

“It’s always fun to attend these events, especially for us seniors who don’t get out much,” said Marie Castillo. “Hearing music from when I was a young brings back good memories.”

Friday’s event drew close to 200 people, mostly all over the age of 60. Some spun partners across the dance floor while others watched and admired other couples dancing, and regular attendees caught up with each other in between songs.

“My wife Gloria and I enjoy attending these community events often,” said Willie Lim, a Calexico resident.

Maldonado said she wants to encourage local seniors to consider attending these dances, especially if they find themselves looking to have a good time and meet new people.

Attendees also enjoyed a delicious meal that consisted of teriyaki chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables and dessert along with non-alcoholic beverages.

Calexico Recreation Department organizes events such this one once a month, and when possible, twice a month.

The next event, themed “Bohemian Nights,” is scheduled for April 22.