Calexico Ports Seize Early Lead Over BP and NAFEC in First Week Of Food Gathering Competition



EL CENTRO, Calif. –– The Calexico Ports of Entry, on a per capita basis, surged ahead of both Border Patrol and NAF El Centro collection efforts during the first week of the competitive food-gathering challenge.

The Calexico ports responded in force to upstage the longstanding showboating between NAF El Centro’s “Global Force for Good” and Border Patrol’s “Green Machine” by raising 4,945 pounds of food compared to the 5,134 pounds raised by BP and the paltry 109 pounds collected by the Navy Base.

Where the victory is most apparent, however, are the amounts collected on a per capita basis, where port of entry personnel delivered a bone-crushing blow by collecting roughly 9.89 pounds of food per person. By comparison, Border Patrol was only able to muster 4.66 pounds per person, followed by the 0.27 pounds per person collected by NAFEC, not counting the sizeable audience of chirping crickets.

“I’m not worried about the opposition from the ‘Mean Green Machine’ or the ‘Navy Blue,’ said Billy Whitford, port director of the Calexico ports of entry. “In order for the other two to get the championship belt, they’ll have to beat us, and judging by these numbers, we’re not going let that happen.”

“We applaud the early efforts of our friends at Border Patrol and the Calexico ports of entry,” said Kristopher Haugh, public affairs officer for NAF El Centro. “ However, I’d like to borrow a quote from one of our greatest naval officers, John Paul Jones, and state unequivocally: We have not yet begun to fight.”

“In regards to the first week’s results, the Calexico ports of entry made a strong first showing, I will give them that,” said Acting Supervisory Border Patrol agent Trevor Ambrosini. “However, it’s typical of a rookie competitor to throw everything they have in the early rounds. The more experienced competitors save their energy for the later rounds and when the novice opponent has ran out of gas the veteran moves in for the victory. That being said we are really happy with the first weeks totals and that our three agencies, together, will have donated over five tons of food that will benefit the less fortunate in our local community.”

Of course, the real winner in this competition is the Imperial Valley Food Bank, who serve over 20,000 people each and every month. Together, the three agencies in only their first week of competition, are able to donate more than five tons of food to local families in need.

Can the Calexico ports maintain the momentum shown during their impressive first outing? Will the Border Patrol and/or NAF El Centro rally their forces to triumph over the newcomers? Stay tuned until next week to find out.