Calexico Ports Continue to Lead in Feds Feed Families Food Gathering Competition.


feds feed familiesEL CENTRO – As week two of the Feds Feed Families food drive comes to a close, the competition has resulted in some truly staggering food donation amounts.

The Calexico ports of entry, the El Centro Sector Border Patrol, and NAF El Centro, each determined to stake their claim to victory, have gathered a cumulative total of roughly 40,000 pounds of food to be donated to the Imperial Valley Food Bank.

The Calexico ports of entry held on to a strong lead through week two of the multi-agency competition, collecting 12,983 pounds of food, resulting in a per capita amount of 35.86 pounds donated per person.

The naval base provided strong competition during week two, donating 11,123 pounds, bringing their per capita total to 28.08 pounds per person.

The El Centro Border Patrol remained consistent in their efforts, collecting a total of 5,699 pounds of donated food.

As of this week, however, they are trailing behind the naval base and the ports on a per capita basis, at a rate of 9.95 pounds donated per employee.

The Feds Feed Families food drive is a national event coordinated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USDA).

Since its inception in 2009, the food drive has collected over 24 million pounds of food. Locally, the NAFEC and the El Centro Border Patrol started a competition last year to raise awareness about hunger in the Imperial Valley.

This year the Calexico ports of entry joined in the competition as well. Since the competition started last year, over 100,000 pounds of food donations have been donated to the local food bank on behalf of the federal agencies participating in the competition.