Calexico PD Rises to Training Challenges

clx pd la training
Calexico and Los Angeles Police Departments trained together during the month of September in Los Angeles. Courtesy photo.

CALEXICO – The Calexico Police officers received extraordinary training as they were allowed to join the Los Angeles Police Department, in two separate sessions, learning at a world class facility, next to world class officers, and taught by the best of the best.

The Calexico officers completed four-day training at the LAPD Academy to complete their Peace Officers Standards and Training requirements (POST).

Chief Bostic, a former LAPD assistant chief, contacted former colleagues at the LAPD academy who agreed to train the Calexico officers.

The training was completed late September during two sessions over a two-week period where half of the officers trained one week and the other group the next.

“Our police department caught up on a lot of our perishable training in two weeks. The department was so far behind in perishable training, there really was no simple way to catch up,” said Chief Michael Bostic, Calexico Police Department.

“Not only did our officers get the training they needed, they got the best police training in the world,” said Bostic. “I have lots of friends at the LAPD who agreed to train our officers, they don’t normally do that.”

Both the Calexico and Los Angeles police departments completed the same training during both sessions.

“My officers saw how the LAPD officers interacted, worked together and took care of each other and backed each other up, my officers were literally blown away,” said Bostic. “My officers feel proud to have trained with the LAPD.”

The training consisted of physical training, building searches, arrest control, scenario training, and tactical training at a cost of approximately $40,000 in overtime.

“Our day consisted of two hours of in class training where we reviewed our policies, we then went to the range and practiced tactical shooting followed by scenario based training,” said Lieutenant Serrano. “Scenario base was invaluable to me. They put you in a place where you need to make decisions at that moment.”

Most of the $40,000 training cost consisted of overtime, however this amount was much less than having the Sherriff’s cover the two weeks.

“It was not cheap. We had to spend a lot of overtime and money to train, but we were so far behind. There wasn’t any simple way to get the training we needed, to become caught up, which is required by the state,” said Bostic.

The LAPD recently revamped the shooting section of their training facility. The Calexico PD was the fourth class to utilize the shooting range.

“We were very excited to train there and plan to implement what we learned,” added Lt. Serrano.