Calexico Police put out reports of high school lock down


CALEXICO – According to a press release from the Calexico Police Department, a lockdown was lifted at the Calexico High School Thursday afternoon and students were released following reports of a call about a student allegedly with a hand gun earlier in the day.

School officials reported they received a call of a student with a hand gun earlier Thursday, and reportedly, Calexico Police Department arrived and coordinated with school staff to locate the student.

The suspected student was separated from others and their backpack searched, the release said, and officers reportedly found a “replica” gun, or toy gun, with a red tip. The case is still under investigation by the police, according to the press release, to determine if any threats of violence, or other unlawful actions were made by the student.

The police reportedly took three students into custody, and there is no further information the press release stated.