#CAGrown – A socia media campaign to feed the state’s hungry


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EL CENTRO – CA GROWN has launched a social media campaign aimed at helping feed the state’s hungry.  For every photo of a California grown or produced food or beverage posted with the hashtag #CAGrown, CA GROWN will donate a pound of food to a California food bank.

The hashtag promotion, which was launched at Ag Day at the State Capitol in Sacramento in March, was created to help raise awareness about the importance of buying food grown locally, while at the same time providing that locally grown food to those in our community in need.

CA GROWN is partnering with the California Farm Bureau Federation’s (CFBF) Young Farmers and Ranchers to help coordinate the donations.  Californians can participate by posting photos of meals at restaurants, or of anything grown or produced in California.

CA GROWN also encourages people to take a picture with any products labeled CA GROWN, such as grapes, strawberries, eggs, flowers, etc.

The campaign, which will run through Oct. 31 will culminate in food donations at local food banks.

Hashtags will only be counted on accounts that do not have a privacy block.

To view some of the photos, use #CAGrown to search Twitter and Instagram. CA GROWN has also launched a blog, www.cagrownblog.com where you can find out more about the hashtag program.

You can find CA GROWN on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @cagrownofficial.

Check out some of the Instragram posts below.

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