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Recently my brother in the Lord, Jonathan Hawk, has been sharing about hearing the voice of God.  I know sometimes we’re not sure if we’re hearing God or ourselves and that’s where I found myself at the beginning of this year.  Not really sure if my voice or God’s was speaking, I did what I knew to do- I prayed and fasted and waited for the answer.  God was showing me and confirming in me what He was saying but I still had questions.


On the plane flying out of LAX, I said to God: “How is it you’re sending me to reach out and to share when I feel so empty?” God always knows what He’s doing and this time it was no different as He knew just where I needed to be and that my answer was at Hannah House.

I wanted to get to know these beautiful young women whom I’d only met briefly the year before and yet had such a deep love in my heart for. I wanted to know more about this ministry that reaches underprivileged hill tribe girls and helps them to achieve what would have been impossible.

I witnessed these young women interact with one another and with Sangla, whom they all love as much as she loves them. I remember one afternoon Sangla and I were talking and she was saying how happy she was to be at Hannah House where she is able to show love to the girls, not just discipline.


One of my favorite times at HH is early morning worship and Bible study. The girls start making their way down to worship at 5:30 am just after they have rolled out of bed, sleepy- eyed, and half awake. Sangla begins to play the guitar and the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard flows over the house as the girls worship our Lord. Tears flowed down my face openly as I sat in His presence morning after morning.

I miss those times….

Serving on a team is exciting, and there is nothing like witnessing God move on behalf of people when they simply pray and believe, but I have to admit, the best time for me was the time I spent with Sangla and the girls before the team arrived. I know this must sound strange, it even seems odd when I say it, but it’s the truth. God was doing something very real and very special in my heart during those 3 weeks alone with HH and I am forever grateful for that time.

God moved in so many ways while we were in Thailand, but one thing that stands out to me is Sangla’s village. Two girls from HH also come from this same village- Black Lahu. The team was able to go from door to door and ask if we could pray for any of their needs. Every door was opened to us- and mind you these people had worked hard all day harvesting by hand- and yet they welcomed us into their homes to pray. You might think this is awesome, and it is, but for me it was encouraging to see the two HH girls  pray for the needs of the families. At first the girls were a little scared thinking they didn’t know how to pray for these needs, but with love and encouragement they stepped out and believed God to answer their prayers and I believe He answered them all.

I’ve shared about my joy at being with Sangla and the girls of HH, but there is also a sadness I now have for the women in the prisons who are not ministered to. Both last year and this year we were able to share Christ with the women at one of the prisons. This year I was able to speak with one of the ladies and I asked her if anyone comes to share Christ with the women. She said to me, “You came last year.” That broke my heart. I pray that God will raise up men and women to GO and MINISTER to the needs of both the men and women in prison and raise up leaders in Thailand to reach their own people!

I say, “Here am I!”



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  1. tht was such a beatiful story about wht the lord helped u do i would like to pray for people to aswell as for my family..

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