Bulldogs Win Against Eagles, 3-0


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Calexico catcher Gabby Ramirez reaches out to tag Eagle Victoria Cruz for the last out of the game.
Calexico catcher Gabby Ramirez reaches out to tag Eagle Victoria Cruz for the last out of the game.

EL CENTRO – The Calexico Bulldogs’ softball team traveled to El Centro to face the Southwest Eagles in an Imperial Valley League game. Both teams put up a hard fight but in the end, the Bulldogs managed to secure the win, 3-0.

Calexico started off the game with a quick run in the first inning. When it was Southwest’s turn at bat, the Bulldog’s held a strong defense and kept the Eagles off the board.

For the next two innings, it was a battle of defense between the two teams as they failed to move the score.  In the fourth inning, the Bulldogs finally broke through the Eagles’ strong defense and scored another run, bringing the score to 2-0.

The Bulldogs scored one last run in the sixth inning, all the while keeping the Eagles from crossing home plate. This brought the score to the eventual final score of 3-0.

At the bottom of the seventh with two outs already on the Eagles, it appeared the Bulldogs had the game. However, on the last pitch of the game, with Victoria Cruz of the Eagles batting, two strikes on the board, she swung big and missed. The swing distracted the catcher, causing her to drop the ball- Cruz booked it to first base.

Cruz took off, tearing towards first base and giving the Southwest fans a burst of excitement. Cruz gave Eagle supporters hope for a split second, until Calexico catcher Gabby Ramirez caught up with her and tagged her out, ending the game.

Leading offensively for the Bulldogs were Martha Sanchez and Luanna Gutierrez. The two girls both went 1-1 with one RBI each. Following Sanchez and Gutierrez was Kasey Cazares, who was 2-3 with one RBI.

For the Eagles, it was Victoria Martinez who led, going 1-1. Following Martinez was Audra Carter who was 2-3, and following Carter were both Taylor Ross and Keana Tamayo who each went 1-3.

The Eagles’ next game will be at home against the Central Spartans on Tuesday May 12th at 7PM. The Bulldogs’ next game will be at home against the Imperial Tigers, also on Tuesday May 12th at 6:30PM.

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