BUHSD Sets Goals and Priorities for Quality Education

Dr. Hasmik Danielian, BUHSD Superintendent, explains the District’s Priorities

BRAWLEY –  Superintendent Dr. Danielian spoke at the Wednesday night BUHS District school board meeting on the district’s three top priorities, part of the reorganization called for by Common Core standards.

The three priorities are high quality teaching, learning and leadership, Student Connectedness, and data-driven collaboration and decision-making at all levels.

“We will align all of our practices to achieve where we want to go,” Dr. Danielian said. “We may fall a few times, but we will eventually walk in excellence.”

The State of California also published their top priorities that fit with the local districts goals, which are; conditions of learning- highly qualified teachers, implementation of Common Core State Content Standards, and a course access; pupil outcomes; student achievement on standardized tests; College and career ready, and improved results on AP exams; and student engagement or connectedness, school climate, and parent involvement.

Dr. Danielian pointed out that the state template never designated anyone accountable for achieving these goals. However, the District has appointed a leadership team (think tank) that will designate individuals who will oversee and be answerable for the District meeting their objectives.

Danielian said different individuals will monitor the implementation of each action plan with the cabinet and district leadership team reviewing and analyzing the results quarterly per department to ensure continuous improvement.

The board will receive periodic reports according to Danielien and the full document is posted on the school website.

ASB representatives Bridget Kelley and Cannon Walker participated for the first time as the 2014-15 student representatives. They discussed how a closed campus would impact the student body especially the capabilities of the cafeteria feeding all the students.

Jennifer Layaye assured everyone that the cafeteria was quite capable of providing lunch for the student body.

In other business, the board approved the agreement with Illuminate Education, Inc which provides software to track students and their academic progress. Trustee Ceci Dial who is a principal at Phil Swing Elementary School brought up a question from her school board meeting on Tuesday night.

Dial asked if it was possible to link the two districts together since both use Illuminate Education, Inc software to track each student from entry into the elementary schools through their high school years.

Danielian said that was a possibility and an idea that already had been approached.


  1. What would be nice is if somehow BUHS can regain some of those students from DVHS. But, I guess as long as the money keeps coming in for the Athletics Infrastructure it’s OK to crank out dummies.

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