BUHSD received IVROP update


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BRAWLEY – Edwin Oberrgfell, Interim Superintendent for IVROP in the Imperial Valley, spoke at the BUHSD board meeting February 12th.


With funding through the Local Control Accountability Program (LCAP) changing the way schools receive and spend funding, there is doubt which programs will retain funds. Such is the case for IVROP and the reasons the Oberrgfell team asked to be on the school agenda.


Some of the courses offered through IVROP are construction, landscaping, graphic design, nursing, health science and medical terminology according to the IVROP representatives.


Through their annual “Dancing With The Stars” fundraising, which this year will feature Brawley Elementary superintendent Ron Garcia and Imperial County superintendent Anne Mallory, IVROP issued 30 scholarships countywide last May.


Also, to make their classes conform to Common Core standards, the IVROP classes are becoming A-G classified, enabling the classes to be eligible for the UC system entrance requirements.



As part of IVROP’S renewed commitment of quality services, IVROP began the 2013-14 school year by expanding from 3 to 4 full time Guidance Technicians, allowing for each school served by the IVROP JPA – Joint Powers Agreement, to have better overall services.



Additionally, IVROP met with site principals to make sure they understood all of the possible services that could be offered.


One major change resulting from these meetings was in the implementation of the Interest Assessment. Historically offered to IVROP classes, it will now be available for all students and implemented at the 9th/10th grade level.


This plan was shared and taken advantage of by Brawley Union High School.  All 9th and 10th grade students will have the opportunity to complete an interest assessment in the 2013-14 school year; the results of these assessments will be shared with counseling/ administration.


The Interest Assessment is a great way for student to discover career pathways they may want to look into, and this definitely helps with selecting appropriate elective courses and planning for college and career opportunities.


Site Principals were also encourage to utilize guidance technicians in parent meeting and /or presentation which is the case for the middle school as well.


BUHSD is one of several district that also receives guidance technician services at the middle school level as well- through SB70 funding: a 10 day Career Curriculum has been offered through the Wheel elective for the past two years.