BUHSD holds public hearing for pay raises


BUHS logoBRAWLEY – The Brawley High School District Board held a public hearing concerning the proposed contract budget for the 2013-14 school year, Wednesday, April 17.

Betty Trimm, Brawley, stood to question the 5% salary increase. Trimm pointed out that in 2007-08, where the current salary schedule was dated, the salaries for teachers averaged at $65,243 and now in 2013, the salaries average  $87,313.00. She said that represented more than a $22,000 dollar increase already.

Trimm asked the board to look “very closely” at these raises. “You are asking parents to contribute more and more, as far as school supplies, extra-curricular costs, and taxes. Yet, our children are using outdated computer programs at school. Many times their homework they completed on home computers isn’t transferrable to the school’s computers because the installed programs are so old.”

The pay increase would include the District‘s contribution for healthcare premiums, for the contract equaling the cost of 80% of the individual medical plan The increase in premiums would be borne by the district. Additionally, the association wants to explore options to the existing dental, visual and prescription plans.

Trimm pointed out that healthcare premiums are expected to rise dramatically with Obamacare.

“The healthcare premiums are a can of worms, they are financially not doable, and most of all they hurt the children because you are deprived of spending the money on educationally needed items,” Trimm said.

Trimm was the only one who spoke at the public hearing section of the school board meeting.


  1. It’s all funneled to the Sports Dept. and the thousands of trips the teams take. Coaching Staffs spending like crazy and keeping up with the latest sports attires.

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