BUHS Struts their Stuff with ICAN Parent Night

FFA show the results of their hard work at their greenhouse.

BRAWLEY – Tuesday night was big for Brawley High and Junior High students and their parents as they were treated to a fun and informational evening as Brawley Union High School and the Imperial County Office of Education worked together to present the first ever ICAN parent night.

The event began with a dinner and registration for the evening’s workshops in Brawley High’s new gym.

After registration, an introductory welcome word from Imperial County Superintendant of Schools Anne Mallory kicked off the ICAN parent night workshops.

The students were divided into the following groups: 7th-9th grade, 10th and 11th grade, and seniors (12th grade).  They received the following workshops.

7-9 grade

College: Making it Happen– insight on A-G requirements, AP/Honors courses, College Entrance/Placement Exams, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Exploring Post Secondary options.

Financial Literacy– showcased the value of a college degree and a Make Money Choices demonstration.

10th and 11 Grade

Exploring Post Secondary Options– Took a closer look at four-year universities, two-year community colleges, Career Technical education, and the Imperial Valley University Partnership.

College and Career Readiness Boot camp– Covered A-G requirements, AP courses= College Credit, College Entrance/Placement Exams, Test prep 2014 schedule, CTE Pathways, College and Career Glossary of Terms.

High School Seniors (12th grade)– received Senior Support Sessions for parents and students.  These covered understanding your FAFSA, understanding college acceptance letters and packages, scholarships search, imperial valley college information on programs of study, completing a college and career transition plan and career employment information.

With Brawley High’s new gym serving as headquarters for the workshops, Brawley’s old Gym served as a club “carnival” as BUHS’ diverse clubs were on display, showing off their talents.

From the Drama Club displaying their props for their upcoming production, Acting, Its Not Plumbing, to the Wrestling Club showing their medals from recent accomplishments, the old gym was packed with variety offered at Brawley High.

The Yearbook Club showed off this year’s upcoming cover, while Mock Trial Club let their sixth place state medal shine on display for all to see.

The Technology Club showcased their underwater computer where volunteers played videogames.

The tastiest club booth was the Spanish Club, which offered their take on authentic favorites from across the border.  Nachos, churritos, taquitos, banuelos, and arroz con leche were just a few of the dishes on display to view and taste.

Brawley Union High Principal Simon Canalez assisted in the organization of the event, and even jumped on the grill and showcased some cooking skill.

“Basically what were trying to do is promote college and career awareness,” said Canalez.

“We wanted to make it a more fair-like atmosphere, so we brought them in with art, music, and graphic design, had a barbeque, just a different atmosphere.  We are trying to showcase our programs, and then with that we instill a message of college and career awareness.  Appropriated to each grade level, what kids need to be focusing on, honing in on which classes, test subjects, those types of things so that from each grade level toward the next build awareness and steamroll toward senior year so we can get kids A-G eligible and accepted to colleges across the nation,” added Canalez.

Another Brawley Union High School staff member responsible for the successful organization of the event was history teacher, Daniel Hernandez.

“We have a lot of students that attended as well as their parents and community members that are all here.  Very exited for this being our first year and the turnout that we received, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase the different events that we have, the different curricular programs as well as extra-curricular  activities and clubs and organizations that we have at our school,” said Hernandez.

“Working alongside the county office of education has really bolstered the event and it has provided plenty of additional resources that our school does not provide and it compliments it very well.  Overall, really exited about it and hope that it can be the start of numerous events to come in the future,” Hernandez added.