BUHS seniors reap rewards for academic prowess

Anthony Garcia Foundation scholarship
Anthony Garcia Foundation scholarship

BRAWLEY – Graduating seniors of Brawley Union High School’s Class of 2014 were recognized for academic achievements Monday night at the BUHS gym for Senior Awards Night.

The BUHS board honored the top students with awards for the Top 20 and the for outstanding academics in the school. There was even a new award called the Biliteracy Award, an award for students that were literate in more than one language. The award was the first to be given in the country.

Scholarships were also handed out by 58 organizations from within the valley community ranging from Brawley clubs to corporations such as Allied Wastes and Tenaska Imperial Solar Energy Center. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were given through the scholarships for the college bound students.

“I’m really happy,” said Remington Campbell, who received five different scholarships, “They will help me with the college funds.”

“I’m genuinely sad that I’ll be leaving and not able to come back for a while,” said April Castorillo about having to leave the valley for college.

The overall message of the night for the students from the high school staff and the community representatives was this; congratulations on your graduation and here’s to your bright future.