BUHS Senior Project to Leave Its Mark on Main Street


City of BrawleyBRAWLEY, CA – Local Brawley Union High School student, Sarah Steimel, introduced a senior project in the form of a presentation to the Brawley City Council in November of 2013 where she found unanimous support.

The young and driven student conceived of a project to honor and recognize current and former servicepersons in the Armed Forces, proposing to establish a banner program along Brawley’s Main Street corridor. “Sarah professionally presented her project concept to the City. We were stunned by the poise and professionalism she brought to the table, having researched model programs, evaluated various vendors, banner materials and associated costs,” commented Brawley Mayor Don C. Campbell. Ms. Steimel’s efforts gained further momentum when she reached out to the community of local veterans.

The Brawley Veterans Memorial Committee oversees the City’s much respected Veterans Wall Project. “The Armed Forces Banner Program is a welcome addition to our efforts to recognize the contributions of local servicepersons. It’s a meaningful community project with a lasting impact,” stated Sam Palomares, President of the Veterans Memorial Committee.

The Committee agreed to provide the financial vehicle for contributions and is significantly offsetting the cost of the banners to applicants. The City of Brawley Parks and Recreation Department will serve as the hub for processing of applications. Current and former servicepersons who reside in Brawley or whose immediate family members reside in Brawley are eligible to apply.

The application fee is $50 which must accompany a photo of the serviceperson in uniform and required documentation of service. Applications may be obtained from the City of Brawley Parks and Recreation Department at 225 A Street. Questions can be answered by phone at (760) 344-5675 or via email at lself@brawley-ca.gov. The first thirty four banners will be installed on Main Street in Summer 2014. Subsequent banners will be incorporated on a rotating basis.


  1. This is what I am referring to, the application fee is still reflecting a 50.00 application fee.

    The City of Brawley and Brawley Veterans Memorial Committee aim to honor and recognize the contributions of current and former military servicepersons that reside in Brawley, or whose family members reside in Brawley.
     Complete this form with serviceperson’s first and last name, military branch and DD-214 or military documentation indicating full time duty status.
     Include photocopy of a photo ID, verifying the Brawley address of the serviceperson or his/her immediate family member.
     Include 5”x7” or larger color portrait of serviceperson in uniform. Digital photos with resolution of 600dpi or higher will be accepted via email at lself@brawley-ca.gov.
     Include check payable to Brawley Veterans Memorial Committee in amount of $50.

  2. To whom it may concern, to began this comment I first want to thank Brawley’s Veteran committee, the BUHS Senior Project and all involved with the Memorial Wall and the Veteran Memorial Wall. I finally had a chance to visit Brawley to see the Banners. What a great honor for our Veterans!
    With all due respect I want to bring to your attention the application fee which is now at 130.00 for the Banner. This totally confused me because when I filled out the application for my brother’s Banner it was 50.00 but I was required to pay 130.00 for my brother’s Banner. The information for the Banner application fee on the website should be updated to reflect the current fee today which is up to 130.00. Please do not misunderstand me I don’t mind paying this amount. When the Memorial Walls were also put up I paid 100.00 for my brothers name to be included. My brother Carlos Garcia Munoz was born in Brawley he attended school in Brawley until we relocated to San Jose, Ca. My brother was killed in action while serving in Vietnam, we were told that he volunteered to help 2 wounded solders unfortunately he was killed by snipers while doing this.
    Like I mentioned I finally took a trip to Brawley and first I couldn’t find my brother’s Banner I was so disappointed but as we continued to drive out of downtown we saw my brother’s Photo on the Banner. He was the last Banner on main street. It was so emotional for my husband and I.
    Thank you for including my brother’s Banner it is a great honor to have his Banner displayed. He gave his life like many other so that we can enjoy the freedom that this great country gives us. Thank you again.

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