BUHS Old Gym court to be named in honor of Captain Scott Pace

Coach Phil Grant worked tirelessly to honor Pace on the Old Gym court.
Coach Phil Grant worked tirelessly to honor Pace on the Old Gym court.

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Union High School Board met at the BUHS library to a full room of Captain Scott Pace supporters.

The beloved fallen army captain was killed in action as he flew his Kiowa Warrior OH-58 into harm’s way to protect his men on the ground against an attack by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Board policy kept the board from considering honoring the past varsity basketball captain with his name on the Old Gym’s court for a full year following his death.

A year has passed and the board took up the issue to a full room.

Several supporters spoke again asking the board “to do the right thing”. Jack Greer was the only one to differ, stating the gym should be named Veteran’s Gym, honoring all who have fought for our country. This was followed by President Helen Noriega reading most of the 6 page letter from Greer stating the same position.

Trustee Rusty Garcia made a motion to name the old gym floor in honor of Captain Scott Pace, alumni of BUHS. The rest of the board remained silent.

President Helen Noriega declared the motion dead and several trustees offered other motions encompassing Greer’s desire to honor all veterans equally. There was confusion if a motion could be made if it wasn’t explicitly cited in the agenda.

Many in the audience wanted to voice their opinion which ran up against a new rule instituted by the board this year, that to speak, one must first fill out a card and hand it to the board president who will call on you.

Eventually the same motion was made, to name the old gym floor in honor of Captain Scott Pace and it passed, 5-0.

Also on the agenda was a report on various ways to honor top graduating seniors other than the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Top Twenty as had been done in the past.

Central Union High School changed to the Latin Honor method of Suma Cum, Magna Cum, and Cum Laude. If BUHS had used this system with the class of 2013, fifty-five students would have been honored instead of the twenty three (1 Valedictorian, 2 Salutatorian, and Top Twenty).

Also considered was mandating that the most rigorous academic classes must be taken to be considered an honor student.

Superintendent Danielian said, “We have found that when you raise the bar, these kids rise right up to obtain their desires.”

Captain Scott Pace court
Proposed court design for Old Gym Floor