Bruce Kuhn endorsement


letters to the editorI’ve known Bruce Kuhn for over 15 years and consider him a smart, honorable person worth knowing. His honesty and integrity has been tested during that time but he has always been a man of his word. He brings these qualities to the job ensuring transparency – no coverups!

A local businessman, Bruce understands why a fair bid process is needed. He believes in growing business locally, and supports local employees and vendors. To grow the valley’s economy, he recognizes local workers and jobs.

From his business and past experience with IID, Bruce is a strong believer in fiscal stability and forecasting financial problems before they occur. From my experience on the ECAC Committee I know Bruce believes in strong, visible cost reporting and balanced budgets.

A family man with several generations in the valley, Bruce wants only the best for the area’s future and has helped may families in need using his own income to help without expecting repayment.

Please vote for Brue Kuhn, IID Director of Division 2, for his needed common sense and leadership



Shorty Hickingbottom