IID to remove iconic Brawley palms

Palms have lined Brawley main street for generations
Palms have lined Brawley main street for generations





(August 21, 2012. Brawley) Twenty-two large palm trees on Main Street in Brawley will be removed by IID. The trees are on the north side of Main Street from First Street by McDonald’s to Vons.


Brawley City Manager, Rosanna Bayon Moore, said that IID had contacted her about three weeks ago and requested a meeting with her and Public Works. They said that a couple of issues had come up on Main Street and that they wanted to make her aware of what IID plans to do.


IID had just contracted the palms to be trimmed. Due to the age of the trees, they had become problematic for CalTrans, as well as the IID. Some of the trees are tilting and with bad weather may fall into the lines.


IID said that they want to give the City of Brawley a courtesy notification. They also informed Ms. Moore that this isn’t something within the City’s control. They wanted to let Brawley know this is occurring before they start removal.


This is a done deal. The palms are to be removed.


Moore asked, “When will this happen and what is IID going to do to mitigate it. Is there a replacement option?”


IID said that in other jurisdictions they have done replacements upon request. They also said that, in this instance, they want no future responsibility for maintenance. Height restrictions would be put on any replacements and the City would have to take on the responsibility of maintenance.


The conversation is ongoing with IID.


IID wants to do all of the work at one time. Remove the palms and replace them with whatever is agreed upon by the City.


Due to the time of the year, the palm removal and planting the replacements will have to wait for cooler weather. This will give Brawley time to decide on the replacements.


Local residents and visitors will be able to enjoy the palms that line Main Street for a little while longer.