Brawley Wildcats nab CIF Championship

Kenet Delgado (#12) hits a single in a Wildcat match up against Sage Creek during a playoff game.

BRAWLEY -The Wildcats competed in a long and challenging season to battle to the top by managing an impressive 23-6 overall all record and an 11-1 league record for the season.

With losses in the first two games of the season against the Bonita Vista Barons and the Westview Wolverines, the Wildcats traveled to Del Norte High School, where they faced off against the Nighthawks for a 4-2 victory. Aiding the Wildcats in this first victory was Dylan Reina (#14) and Jonathan Gonzalez (#1), who both hit in RBIs. Also leading in hits for the game was Jakob Sapp (#21) with two hits in the ball game.

Moving forward from the Wildcats’ first win, the team traveled to Serra High school and suffered a third loss in the season. However, with league play right around the corner, the Wildcats went on to lead a 10-game winning streak, with five of the games counting as league wins.

Ending their winning streak, the Wildcats were defeated by El Capitan High School in the Lions Tournament. They moved on to face the Foothills Christian Knights, where the Wildcats climbed back on the win bus by defeating the Knights with an 11-9 score.

In the match up against the Knights, the Wildcats came through with 13 hits for 11 runs. Leading the team in hits for the evening was Dylan Reina and Jude Littrell (#18) who batted 1.000 with two hits off two at-bats. Reina and Littrell would even come around to score in both at-bats.

After their win over the Knights, the Wildcats kept their win streak alive with 11 wins, and four of the victories came from CIF playoff games. The latest win in the streak came from the Division 3 CIF Championship match up against the Serra Conquistadors when the Wildcats defeated the Conquistadors 2-0 at UCSD.

Making all this possible was the Wildcats’ Jonathan Gonzalez, who has managed a total of 31 hits for the season, giving Gonzalez the second highest number of hits for the team. Taking the number one spot on the team for the most hits in the season was Dylan Reina, who managed a whopping 45 hits off 84 at-bats. Also hitting big numbers was Roberto Brodell (#8), who has made contact for 29 hits for the season.

Another honorable mention for the Wildcats is ace pitcher Blake Zeleny (#2). Zeleny has pitched 12 games in the season, giving him the most time on the mound. Out of 12 games played, Zeleny had come through with 11 wins. He has a current ERA of 1.39 for the season.

The closet pitcher in comparison for the Wildcats is Brodell, who has managed seven wins and one loss for the season.