Brawley Transit Transfer Station and Brawley Gold Line now operational


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BRAWLEY – The City of Brawley had their ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday, December 18, for the grand opening of the new City of Brawley Transit Transfer Station and the launch of the Brawley Gold Line circulator shuttle.

The Transit Transfer Station was completed earlier this year in anticipation for the launch of the Imperial County Transit Commission’s (ICTC) Brawley Gold Line circulator shuttle.

The Gold Line will give Brawley residents access to key destinations around the city.

The route will take 70 minutes and will include Wal-Mart, Pioneers Memorial Hospital, and downtown Brawley. There are 28 stops around the city. The service will be available Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is free until February 3, 2014.

Some of the funding for the project came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, The California Transit Security Grant, the ICTC Transportation Development Act, and an earmark from former Congressman Bob Filner.

“We had an alphabet soup of funding streams for this project,” said Rosanna Bayon Moore. “Many of those were acquired with the help of Cal-Trans.”

Mayor Don Campbell said, “We are blessed to be able to have this new Transit Transfer Station that we broke ground on only this past January. The new Gold Line will give the residents of Brawley good mobility throughout the city. Without partnering with the city, the county, ICTC, the state, and everyone else that is involved with this, these kinds of ventures just don’t happen. Millions of dollars go into these kinds of projects. I think our city and the residents will be proud of what we put together here. I want to thank our current City Council members and some of the past Council members that helped to get this project started.”

100 to 200 passengers could pass through the terminal per day.

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