Brawley Playhouse Theatre is looking for volunteers




BRAWLEY – The Steering Committee for the Brawley Playhouse Theatre invites any one interested in volunteering to assist in the next several stages of the restoration of the Brawley Playhouse Theater to attend a meeting at 5:00 pm, Thursday, May 30 at the Brawley Chamber of Commerce board room.

At that time, the plans will be discussed, determine how each interested individual would like to help, and tour the cleaned up lobby of the theater.
The restoration of the Brawley Playhouse Theatre is the objective of the Brawley Community Foundation (BCF) and the Theatre Restoration Committee.
aThe focus of the restoration is to make the Theatre an important element of revitalizing downtown Brawley.
The plans include up to 428 seats, a stage for theatrical and musical productions, an orchestra pit, a movie screen, a kitchen and bar, and office spaces.
The BCF has funded $70,000 to complete the facade of the building.
In order to proceed, the Theatre Restoration Committee needs to show support of the community for further work by re-paying the money. It is hoped that with support of donations that this will indicate the interest by the community in a multi-purpose theatre/art center.
Donations for the restoration of the Brawley Playhouse Theatre can be mailed to;
Brawley Community Foundation
P. O. Box 1344
Brawley, CA 92227
Please put “Brawley Playhouse Theatre” in the memo section of your check.
All donations are tax deductible.


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